Straps on my Rolex watches… What do you think?

I’m thinking more and more on replacing my classic rolex bands with some think leather straps, in order to give it some new look.
The leather straps could be allow for a nice change in the look and feel of the complete watch. I used to make strap changes on and off on my Panerai watches.
I really liked to change from a nylon strap to a thick leather strap, in different colors, just to change the complete look of the watch.

Even Rolex have come out with rubber straps to some of their models, and their TUDOR watches have a complete setup of straps to select from.

Next Watch update – Omega Speedmaster – Speedytuesday

This year have only seen one new “used” watch – my Rolex 16803 – gold and steel classic rolex sub. It have almost become my daily beater, together with my Rolex explorer II .

But I can feel that I need some new to put on my wrist…
Really looking forward to the speedy tuesday… but will it be a daily watch? Well I don’t know.

Buying unknown watch brands – yes/no/maybe ;-)

Can one justify buying a “less” know watch brand for about the same price as “known” high-end brand like Rolex, Omega, Panerai etc.
I sometimes find myself looking at watches from less known brands and really like them – but sometimes the price is a little high when compared to other high-end watches.
How will the resell value be for less know brands, etc.
I have been looking into many “unknown” brands – and like them – especially if they “sing” to me. I keep coming back to these watches – but have not jumped yet. I’m still a Panerai and Rolex man at heart.

But for the overall question – can one justify buying unknown brands? My answer is YES – based on the positive and negative on this question.


  • The unknown brand is relative unknown for many – Nice to have a watch that is high quality and known by WIS only
  • You will be part of a “limited” number of persons that have the same watch.
  • Getting one will be after many throughts – not one to get because it is the “right” watch.


  • Unknown long term quality of watch could be a issue
  • Resell value – price drop from original price could be massive.
  • Will one continue to “love” it as other icon watches… Only time can tell

A rolex 5513 beat up – I like it ;-)

Found this post on – a really beat up Rolex 5513 – that looks like it have been through hell and back.

Somehow this is one I will ad to my selection of watches that have seen their share of action.
This shows that a Rolex is a tool watch to be used and not a nice dress watch.
So if you have some photos or stories of watches that have the scars to prove it has been used and not a safe queen.

The really beat up Rolex 5513

Rolex Sub (5513) watch photos “In the Water” and “In the Garden”

Making different shoots is easy – put the watch in different situations and shoot- And with digital you can keep shooting and only use the one that cam out OK – so everybody – get the old camera out and shoot some photos in your surroundings…
Here are the photos of the 5513 – Garden and Water shoots.

My Rolex Sub mat dial (5513) – “The Graden shoots”

My Rolex Sub mat dial (5513) – “The Water Shoots”

National Geographic OMEGA watch ads – Enjoy

Here are some photos of the National Geographic ads with Omega watches.
I really like the diver and moon watch ads – they look cool – somehow I don’t think the present Omega ads is any where near thee lovely ads.
When Omega started the James Bond theme – it was only downhill – everybody knows James Bond wears a Rolex 😉 – And that James Bond and Omega watch is only a product placement stunt.
The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.

So enjoy these “REAL” Omega watch ads – they are really something.

Rolex Red Sub 1680 Dial Information

Got this link for one knowledge Vintage Rolex guy – Philipp – on – again some WIS knowledge that is nice for me – and maybe others 😉

This time about the dial variation of the Rolex Red Sub (model 1680) – not mine – as it is the white version – A red 1680 cost about twice the asking price of the white 1680, just for your information.

I will have to keep a sharp eye open for these threads on different forums – I find the information fun, just like my collection of old National Geographic Rolex ads.

Link til the forum thread on the Rolex 1680 red dial (also known as the Red Sub)

And the Dial Information – from Mark I (first) to Mark 6 (last):

Rolex 1680 dials

I’m not a watch collector – I’m a watch owner.

One of my favorite net forums are the – a place with the most knowledge on vintage rolex I can think of on the net.

Some of the latest post display rolex models on very rare rolex sub models (eg. 5510) where the price is above 50k US$.

Than made me think twice again on my next watch buy and what watch I would buy.
Well I can now feel in my bones that I will ONLY buy a watch I would wear daily. I’m not very into “safe queens”, and buying a old vintage watch for plus 50k US$.
On the next level I will only buy a watch I like the look of – I would newer buy a watch that I don’t like, but just becasue it is “rare”.

That is why I see my self much more as a watch owner, and less a watch collector.
I have the deepest respect for people collecting watches, owning the most perfect watch – NOS – and with all the B&P.
And also having all the sub models, or all versions of e.g. the rolex sub model 5513, etc…

That is why I like all my watches and will try to add a new one – but still unclear which model……

Which watch is the “most” ultimate watch for a old WIS?

This should be seen as the watch you will be using when +60 years old 😉
Somehow I think I will continue to find watches fascinating and keep my little collection in place and replace my daily watch from time to time…
But what will be my daily watch when I’m +60 years old and maybe focus more on my family, reading, relaxing, travel or what I will have time for when that time comes in many years from now.

This is what I mean by the “most” ultimate watch for a WIS

Somehow I think my ultimate watch will be a rolex, either back to basic – my first rolex – the rolex Explorer II (16550)- it remains a classic and will look good in any outfit.

If money was not a option I could find my self getting the Patek Nautilus – classic watch – high end watch, classy, and one heck of a nice watch.

So even if I’m trying out many different watches as it is now, and HOPE I will continue to be a WIS, that can see the fascination and beauty of the watches.
Only time will tell – and it is not now or for the next couple of years 😉

This could also be a possible candidate


My view of watches – Daily wear, Tool watches, Dress watches, Special watches.

What do I look at when buying watches.

I only buy watches to wear as a daily watch, a watch that can be used without any thoughts to the circumstances one is to use the watch.
I’m a tool watch man by heart – don’t find that any dress watch will look good on me, don’t think watches with bling-bling will look good on me. No give me a simple, through steel watch that can be used in ALL situations.

Here are my priority list:

  • Steel watch
  • Dive watch – minimum 100 meters water resistance (for vintage – 300 meters for newer)
  • Simple design – easy to read dial
  • Have some weight and size
  • Normal design – round watch – not square
  • Classic – focus on the classic quality

Well to be true – I’m now drifting a little 😉
Have been looking into some other watches I might find super for me in the near future.

Rolex Daytona – Not a simple dial – but still a tool watch
Rolex Deep Sea – Not a simple dial – but the ultimate toolwatch
Vintage Rolex Gold Sub – Bling – Bling – but somehow the old classic gold subs have grown on me.

But in general I’m just a steel tool watch man … moving along – changing my mind as it is allowed.

My Tool watches: