Next watch … Vintage or Not?

Somehow I always feel I need a new watch 😉

After my latest Rolex 16803 I have come to the time where i should prioritize my next watch list. The list is not long – but only one or two can become a reality.

My Next watch list:

  • Omega Speedy Tuesday – That is on the way. CHECK
  • Rolex Milgauss GV – somehow this talks to me.
  • Rolex Explorer black dial 16570 – still a classic for me. And I’m a explorer kind of guy.
  • Panerai – T-dail – the old classic Panerai for me (1A/1B, 2A/2B, 4A/4B)

But that is also in a price range that will allow only one or two – and maybe even have to part with one of my watches to pay for it.




What will Basel bring in 2017 – nothing …

What will the Basel bring of new watches?

I feel that the present rate the new on the watches could be held at a minimum. I don’t see the reason for new models every year. I feel it removes some of the feelings on watches.


Some of the fashion brands of watches release new line 4 times a year. Just to keep people buying new watches and use them for fashion. That is a trend I hope will not come to the major brands. I think this will devalue their brand.

I like when I see  a Omega Speedmaster on a wrist – I can’t say if its for 1969 or 2015 – and that I like.

The same thing about a rolex sub – this watch is now +60 years old and it can be difficult to see any changes from a distance – and that I like.

But when I see a new kind of watch – I can say if its from 2014,2015, 2016 or 2017, because I don’t know it.

Just my two cents 😉

Is Rolex a boring watch

Well yes and no.

Sometimes the classic Rolex watch can be a little boring.

But it also make the brand what it is today.

The evolution of Rolex have been very slow and with minor changes.

This might be right on the old days. But lately the changes in Rolex policy have given us many new watches from their side. 

I’m looking forward to the Basel show this year (next month).  Will Rolex jump on the wagon and keep the changes to a minimum or will they take a chance and introduce something special.

Time will show.

But I think Rolex should be careful. The success of Rolex have been that watches have been like small children that grow up. 

But time will tell.

Ultimate Watch – The Rolex Daytona Zenith

Somehow this watch have/is the most ultimate watch out there.

It have a history that is special. And from way back the story was that you only could get this watch if you were lucky enough to be on the waiting list for one. And then maybe after 5 years waiting – you would be able to buy one for a very high price.

This caused the used prices of this watch to be much higher that the official listing.

My Zenith is from 1990 and is just perfect. I like the Zenith model better than the latest version of the daytona. I’m a sucker for the classic look – from the period before watches became fashion items.

Military watches – Hamilton from 1973

Somehow I have 3 Military watches – I will not be able to get my grail watch – the Rolex 5517 – with sword hands.

So I got myself 3 military watches that are all within the reach of everybody.

A complete Hamilton Military issued watch – complete with wax paper and delivery notes.

This watch is just beautiful and comes with the same information as the rolex mill spec. watches.

Fixed bars

(T) dial and Arrow on dial

And the engraving on the back is just perfect.


Gold or not gold.

I have never been a fan of gold watches.

I never thought that I would own a gold watch of any type. I am a steel watch type of man.

But now I see myself as having more and more watches with some gold.

From the two tone subs to root beer GMT. And ofcause the always perfect day date.

Gold is good for you

Always think of the gold watch as a kind of “to much”. A watch should only tell time.

But I have been convinced.

A gold watch, or a gold and steel watch is perfect for the man that wants something a little more special.


I don’t use my Rolex Day Date that much – but when I do – it just feels perfect.


My daily watch as of now – and that is very special for me – is the Rolex 16803 Sub.