The tool watch.

I think that the real tool watches was invented by Rolex.  

Because before transatlantic flights no real need for a two time zone watch (gmt). The Explorer ll with 24 hour hand for cave explorers.  The dweller for deep sea diving with mixed gas. The milgauss for work on high magnetic fields in cern.

These watches have a very special functionality, developed for a special purpose but also to be used as a normal watch daily.

Explorer ll  – the cave watch

The gmt – two time zone watch 

The dweller – deep sea diving watch.

Vintage watches – why?

I continue to ask my self that question. Why should I buy a vintage watch when I can get new new a better one for the same price or even cheaper. 

The reason for me is that the vintage watches was from a time where watches was not seen as a fashion accessories like now. And the focus was more on functionality than beauty. 

And last because the vintage watches takes me back to a time where other values was treasured. 

Back then no Internet, no social media. 

My rolex dweller vintage Classic watch. 

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