Will the Rolex Deep Sea last?

Will the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller continue in the present lineup?

I’m a little unsure if this model will continue to be avaliabe in Rolex model lineup.
As of now we have 3 (4) Rolex dwellers avaliable. And I think this is one to many.

  • Rolex Deep Sea Dweller – 116660
  • Rolex Deep Sea Blue Dial – 116660
  • Rolex Dweller – 116600
  • Rolex Deep Sea Challange

We have the first Deep Sea Dweller – the (present) father of the Deep Sea dweller.

Then came Deep Sea Dweller with blue dial (aka the james cameron deep sea).
And last the dweller that is a modern clone of the old Rolex dweller.

I think that within 2-3 years the deep sea dweller will not be avaliable anymore. And only the dweller will exist.
The cost of making the deep sea, and the number being sold makes this watch more and more expensive to maintain.

What is so special about Panerai?

Well besides that they make large watches, with a distinct look. What is the story about this brand.

It was a good brand, in the early 2000 days and before. But I think that during the last many years the brand have lost some of its magic.

I really like the early versions and models. But the many new versions and models leave me a little cold.

Give me a PAM 005 or PAM 001 any day.

I for one still love my old Panerai Sub.


Tool watch vs Normal watch vs Fashion watch

In general you have 3 types of watches.

  • Normal watch – Tell the time
  • Tool watches – made for a specific task (diving, gmt,..)
  • Fashion watches – just a watch as jewellery

And for me the real watches and their value is  based on the use.


Primary goal for a watch is to tell time!!!

So these watches that keep the basic look and functionality is by my account the “best” watches. Then come the tool watches, again watches made to tell the time, but with a added feature.

And ONE watch I will never own – is a fashion watch!!



Name 3 iconic watches.

The subject here is to name 3 iconic watches, that any WIS person can relate to.

Lets start with the biggest watch company and with the best know brand.

The iconic watch – is the Rolex sub no-date.
From the early models, to the latest. But If I should select only ONE – it would be the 5513.


Next brand that have a iconic watch is Omega – the Omega Speedmaster is a must have for anyone interesting in the history of watches.

The Omega Speedmaster have remained unchanged for plus 50 years.



And last the iconic watch to have is the ….


Well I have to think a little more about this, I have more than one watch and brand in mind.

It could be a IWC, Heuer, Patek, or something different.





My Omega Speedmaster MkII Racing dial

Omega Speedmaster MkII racing dial


The Omega Speedmaster MkII was supposed to go into space as replacement from the initial Omega Speedmaster cal 321. But this never happened.

NASA would not let new watches through the process of approval – take time and cost money, when they already did have a perfect good and approved watch.

So even if the Speedmaster MkII was made for “NASA” it never really went into space.

My Omega MkII is the little more special version – the MkII racing dial version.



Rolex or Not Rolex

Why always rolex – is it not dull?


Well for my point of view – the rolex brand have always been a brand that is very conservative in relation to putting out new models.

When I compare Rolex to some of the other brands that just keep pumping out new models and new versions, I feel more at home with a brand that focus on watches, rather than fashion.

Eg. Fossil group is the forerunner in relation to pumping out watches in the same degree as the fashion industry.  They are producing 4 releases every year, and with every release there is hard targets for sales. There watches are to be used in a limited period, as the latest colors in t-shirts, and then let it be forgotten, as a new model is to be released.

The “old” watch industry have one period ever year (SIHH and BASEL) http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=threadt&frm_id=124

And this is the place to view new models and watch news in general.

Then back to Rolex.

It always makes a top story when Rolex comes with a new version, and even more if a new model.

Why, because it doesn’t happen that often, and when it happens, the models and version can be expected to be around for some time.

But other brands – Like Panerai – the come with multiple numbers of new models every year. And the news it a little lost on their side.

So that’s is why I like the Rolex brand.

What is my Next Watch

Always on my mind. What should be my next watch. Should it be a Rolex, Omega , Panerai, or something different.
Right now I’m not sure – I would love additional Omega, as I think these watches have so much history, and made as a watch rather than a fashion item.