The difference between a “watch collector” and “watch owner”.

There exist a fine line between watch collectors and watch owners. I try to see myself as a watch owner and less as a watch collector – but have to agree that there is a very fine line.

How do I see the difference between myself as a watch owner and a watch collector.

I see my self as a watch owner as I would never own a watch that I would not wear – I would not buy a watch I did not think is VERY nice and something that I would wear any time any day.
A watch collector as I see it would also buy a watch if it had a place in a collection – even if the watch is not to be used.
Watch collectors can have watches with box and papers that would never been used.

I would not buy a watch – and have it sit in a box not to be used.
I do have some watches that see more wrist time than others – but I don’t baby any of my watches.

I would always wear and use these watches – daily and in all kind of situations.
My panerais and vintage rolex – get daily abuse and they do get some dings and scratches from time to time – but hay that is a price I’m will pay in order to have these nice watches on my wrist daily.


Watches as a Hobby/Passion/Interest – How long does it last?

I have a thought about the things we do – collecting watches, when will the interest wear of and we select to only have one watch. When do we stop shopping around, when do “we” settle down and enjoy “one” watch.

If it goes like all other “hobbies” – one will go through different stages.

  • Stage 1: Interest awaking
  • Stage 2: Slowly starting to collect information and “watches”
  • Stage 3: Hooked – no going back – becoming a WIS – searching for information, looking for new watches, visit to forums daily, discussion on the net, etc.,…
  • Stage 4: Slow down – The interest is still there – but is now a slow burning flame – You still have your watches – but don’t buy any new one.
  • Stage 5: Recleine – no major interest in watches – slowly starting to sell out your watches – you only wear one watch – you begin to have other areas of focus – food, wine, family, other interests, etc…
  • Stage 6: End of Life – You no longer a WIS – any new rolex, panerai, AP, IWC model will not get any attention from your side. You have “moved” on to the “normal” life 😉

Right now I’m in stage 3 – but could see me moving into stage 4 within the next decade.

I know that many of you that read this, is in stage 1,2 or 3 – and less in stage 4+.

But my question is – when will we come into stage 5 and 6 – and if any of you have been through the process, and have come through to the “other” side – stage 5 and 6.

And if you “don’t” know what stage your in let me explain:

  • Stage 1: You have a interest in “high” end watches – maybe looking at Rolex – You have a watch – probably a semi-high-end watch.
  • Stage 2: You are now sure that you want a new watch – and have your mind set on a more high-end watch – Omega, Rolex, Panerai, …. You notice people on the news – what watch are they wearing, checking out watches on the TV and in the Movies.
  • Stage 3: You now have a least two watches – know what a WIS is, know the most known watch forums, when on the Internet you make searches on different watch brands. By now you know all “watch” movies – what movie Panerai is seen in, What a EOD watch is, etc… You take turns in wearing your watches, you “take” photos of them, you are a “active” person on different forums.
  • Stage 4: You have you “collection” of watches, but you mainly only wear 1-2 different watches – not any bling bling, just good quality watches that have grown on you. You don’t check forums that much, and you almost NEVER post on forums. You don’t plan to buy any new watches at all – your content.
  • Stage 5: You start to sell some of your watches – you plan to keep only one or two. You find that being a WIS and having watches as a hobby is a thing of the past. You only wear one watch daily and the size is not above 42 mm – it is a watch that goes with everything.
  • Stage 6: Continue of stage 5 – but now you back to a normal life – you might even select NOT to wear a watch!

Books: MOONFIRE book from Taschen – Omega Content

Got this book – and the photos are just super.
The book is about the moon landing in 1969 – the preparation, the landing, the homecoming, etc.

The photos in the book are so good that it is “easy” for us WIS to check out the watches used. And the Omega Speedmaster models are seen on many photos. But it can also be seen that rolex was also used by the astronauts.

So anyone that have the minimum of interest in the story of the moon landing as well as to check out the watches I can recommend this book.
Some quick photos from the book on my coffee table 😉



Olongapo Bands for your ROLEX or other watch.

These watch bands have had my interest for a long time – these watchbands have a history from the the vietnam area – where the US special forces – the UDT (underwater demolition team) and SEALS (sea, air and land) got these watchbands when on R&R in the Philippines and was Hand crafted in the city of Olongapo located near Subic Bay Naval Station and each band was specifically made for the wearer with personalized emblems.

Finding ORIGINAL Olongapo watch bands is almost impossible (from that era) but the next best thing is to buy one from the same area and just enjoy it.

I still think that I would like to add this type of band – to be used with either by Heuer or Rolex SD, or maybe even more correct my rolex 5513 (non date sub)
Somehow adding a band like this could be a “statement” – but what kind of Insignias should I select.

My only concern is the use of these metal bands is the “impact” it will make on my watches – will they be used without any damage to my watches – or will these bands cause some extensive wear and tear?
Only time will tell.


The sleeping beauty – this could go wild

The Rolex Root beer – aka Tiger Eye – aka Client Eastwood.
This rolex have been made in so limited numbers that when the last one on chrono24 have been taking. Expect the price to go up, and up.
The Rolex Rootbeer – both the nipple dial – but more so the newer version. Have a dial that is out of this world.
How the light is falling, what angle you view it from,etc. All this, result in a watch that is very unique.
I guess that for every 1000-2000 GMT only ONE 16713 Root Beer was made.

The new Rolex Dweller – 50 years model

After Basel – the big storie was the Omega redesign of their iconic watches, and the new Rolex dweller with red writing.

The new dweller will be 43 mm (like Deep Sea), have the cyclop, and have the same depth reating as the old 16600 dweller.

As soon as the news hit the floor – the meaning was many…
I for one like the new dweller – its looks like a bigger sub – from any angle.

So from my point – if you like the Rolex Sub, (and who don’t), but would a bigger size watch, then the new dweller is for you.

From my point it removes the difference between the SUB and Dweller to a large extent. Leaving only the Deep Sea as a sub without cyclop.
And the deep sea – is still a fantastic watch – with all the right functions, being the MOST extreme watch I know of.
How many watches do you know – where you could drop it in the sea, alsmost anywhere in the world – and it would survive all the way to the seabed.

Birthyear watch for your child

I have this idea of getting a watch from the birth year of my children. For a WIS as me I think this could be nice – having a watch from your parents, from your birth year. Something to hold on to – when I’m long gone ;-).

Anyway that is what I think of now as a WIS. I would have loved to have a old “classic” watch that had been in the family for many years. Like a family watch.

Well right now I’m thnking of watches that I can “hand” over to my children when they get older, so they have someting they can use, or sell if they really need the money.
Thinking of a classic rolex watch. That would be something that would keep its value, probally always be in style, and can be used in any situation.
Thinking of:

Straps on my Rolex watches… What do you think?

I’m thinking more and more on replacing my classic rolex bands with some think leather straps, in order to give it some new look.
The leather straps could be allow for a nice change in the look and feel of the complete watch. I used to make strap changes on and off on my Panerai watches.
I really liked to change from a nylon strap to a thick leather strap, in different colors, just to change the complete look of the watch.

Even Rolex have come out with rubber straps to some of their models, and their TUDOR watches have a complete setup of straps to select from.

Next Watch update – Omega Speedmaster – Speedytuesday

This year have only seen one new “used” watch – my Rolex 16803 – gold and steel classic rolex sub. It have almost become my daily beater, together with my Rolex explorer II .

But I can feel that I need some new to put on my wrist…
Really looking forward to the speedy tuesday… but will it be a daily watch? Well I don’t know.

Buying unknown watch brands – yes/no/maybe ;-)

Can one justify buying a “less” know watch brand for about the same price as “known” high-end brand like Rolex, Omega, Panerai etc.
I sometimes find myself looking at watches from less known brands and really like them – but sometimes the price is a little high when compared to other high-end watches.
How will the resell value be for less know brands, etc.
I have been looking into many “unknown” brands – and like them – especially if they “sing” to me. I keep coming back to these watches – but have not jumped yet. I’m still a Panerai and Rolex man at heart.

But for the overall question – can one justify buying unknown brands? My answer is YES – based on the positive and negative on this question.


  • The unknown brand is relative unknown for many – Nice to have a watch that is high quality and known by WIS only
  • You will be part of a “limited” number of persons that have the same watch.
  • Getting one will be after many throughts – not one to get because it is the “right” watch.


  • Unknown long term quality of watch could be a issue
  • Resell value – price drop from original price could be massive.
  • Will one continue to “love” it as other icon watches… Only time can tell