Omega Speedmaster MkII – Racing Dial (TBU)

Omega Speedmaster MkII Racing Dial – from 1972


Omega Speedmaster Mark II 145.014

The original Omega Speedmaster that have been an iconic watch as this has been to the moon and back. But the only omega speedmaster that was approved by NASA was the Omega Speedmaster ca. 321. As the never cal. 861 came into play the Omega Speedmaster was updated with this cal.


Then came the “new” MkII of the Speedmaster – with the thicker case, but more or less with same cal. and functionality.  This model did never enter the NASA space program, as the time and cost to test and evaluate new watches, was too costly. That made the Speedmaster MkII more or less a “in between” model. And the case did not survive well on later models.

One model was made – and this was the Speedmaster MkII – Racing dial, with the red outer markings.


The value of this model is seen in the re-introducing of the Speedmaster MkII 

I like it and I like the look.