Buying unknown watch brands – yes/no/maybe ;-)

Can one justify buying a “less” know watch brand for about the same price as “known” high-end brand like Rolex, Omega, Panerai etc.
I sometimes find myself looking at watches from less known brands and really like them – but sometimes the price is a little high when compared to other high-end watches.
How will the resell value be for less know brands, etc.
I have been looking into many “unknown” brands – and like them – especially if they “sing” to me. I keep coming back to these watches – but have not jumped yet. I’m still a Panerai and Rolex man at heart.

But for the overall question – can one justify buying unknown brands? My answer is YES – based on the positive and negative on this question.


  • The unknown brand is relative unknown for many – Nice to have a watch that is high quality and known by WIS only
  • You will be part of a “limited” number of persons that have the same watch.
  • Getting one will be after many throughts – not one to get because it is the “right” watch.


  • Unknown long term quality of watch could be a issue
  • Resell value – price drop from original price could be massive.
  • Will one continue to “love” it as other icon watches… Only time can tell