I’m not a watch collector – I’m a watch owner.

One of my favorite net forums are the vintagerolexforum.com – a place with the most knowledge on vintage rolex I can think of on the net.

Some of the latest post display rolex models on very rare rolex sub models (eg. 5510) where the price is above 50k US$.

Than made me think twice again on my next watch buy and what watch I would buy.
Well I can now feel in my bones that I will ONLY buy a watch I would wear daily. I’m not very into “safe queens”, and buying a old vintage watch for plus 50k US$.
On the next level I will only buy a watch I like the look of – I would newer buy a watch that I don’t like, but just becasue it is “rare”.

That is why I see my self much more as a watch owner, and less a watch collector.
I have the deepest respect for people collecting watches, owning the most perfect watch – NOS – and with all the B&P.
And also having all the sub models, or all versions of e.g. the rolex sub model 5513, etc…

That is why I like all my watches and will try to add a new one – but still unclear which model……