My Rolex Sea Dweller 1665 – Best Rolex Design ever?

The Rolex Sea dweller 1665 keeps surprising me – every time I put it on – this watch becomes second nature to me.
I can really see that this first design, the case, the crystal, the dial, the complete package just works perfect together.

The Rolex Sea Dweller (the Deep Sea) has divided the rolex people – some like it, some don’t like it, some find it to big, some find it perfect in size, some see the strap as to small, some see the strap as perfect,… etc.

This will never be a issue with the original 1665 – this design just signs to your – don’t see ANY thing I would replace or change.
Well maybe if I could get a DRSD (Double Red Sea Dweller) – I could enjoy the fine joys of a little color in my daily work 😉

My Kind of watch 😉

This will forever be a true classic in my world.