My view of watches – Daily wear, Tool watches, Dress watches, Special watches.

What do I look at when buying watches.

I only buy watches to wear as a daily watch, a watch that can be used without any thoughts to the circumstances one is to use the watch.
I’m a tool watch man by heart – don’t find that any dress watch will look good on me, don’t think watches with bling-bling will look good on me. No give me a simple, through steel watch that can be used in ALL situations.

Here are my priority list:

  • Steel watch
  • Dive watch – minimum 100 meters water resistance (for vintage – 300 meters for newer)
  • Simple design – easy to read dial
  • Have some weight and size
  • Normal design – round watch – not square
  • Classic – focus on the classic quality

Well to be true – I’m now drifting a little 😉
Have been looking into some other watches I might find super for me in the near future.

Rolex Daytona – Not a simple dial – but still a tool watch
Rolex Deep Sea – Not a simple dial – but the ultimate toolwatch
Vintage Rolex Gold Sub – Bling – Bling – but somehow the old classic gold subs have grown on me.

But in general I’m just a steel tool watch man … moving along – changing my mind as it is allowed.

My Tool watches: