Olongapo Bands for your ROLEX or other watch.

These watch bands have had my interest for a long time – these watchbands have a history from the the vietnam area – where the US special forces – the UDT (underwater demolition team) and SEALS (sea, air and land) got these watchbands when on R&R in the Philippines and was Hand crafted in the city of Olongapo located near Subic Bay Naval Station and each band was specifically made for the wearer with personalized emblems.

Finding ORIGINAL Olongapo watch bands is almost impossible (from that era) but the next best thing is to buy one from the same area and just enjoy it.

I still think that I would like to add this type of band – to be used with either by Heuer or Rolex SD, or maybe even more correct my rolex 5513 (non date sub)
Somehow adding a band like this could be a “statement” – but what kind of Insignias should I select.

My only concern is the use of these metal bands is the “impact” it will make on my watches – will they be used without any damage to my watches – or will these bands cause some extensive wear and tear?
Only time will tell.