Rolex COMEX – The story behind the Sea dweller

Having a Rolex Comex is by many collectors the gail watch – I would like one – but they are out of reach for normal watch collectors – their price are > “lots of US$” and still climbing! When I found this web page with stories on both the mil-subs and comex from real life I was very impressed. The site is made by a man that have used mil-subs and comex watches during his working life. I do find it very refreshing to see stories from people that used and still use their watches. And not as a “safe queen” collector. All the respect to him. Check it out – the site has information on Comex and Milsubs and other rolex watches most of us can only dream of.

Comex Submariners history:

  1. 1970-1973 Early Submariners Ref:-5513 with valve.
  2. 1972-1978 Submariners Unique Comex Ref:- 5514 with valve.
  3. 1978-1979 Submariner Ref:- 1680, no valve.
  4. 1982-1986 Submariner Sapphire Ref:-1680 no valve with matt or gloss dial.
  5. 1988-1989 Submariner Sapphire Ref:-16800 no valve gloss dial.
  6. 1988-1989 Submariners Ref: 168000 no valve with gloss dial
  7. 1986-1997 Submariners Ref:-16610 no valve.