The difference between a “watch collector” and “watch owner”.

There exist a fine line between watch collectors and watch owners. I try to see myself as a watch owner and less as a watch collector – but have to agree that there is a very fine line.

How do I see the difference between myself as a watch owner and a watch collector.

I see my self as a watch owner as I would never own a watch that I would not wear – I would not buy a watch I did not think is VERY nice and something that I would wear any time any day.
A watch collector as I see it would also buy a watch if it had a place in a collection – even if the watch is not to be used.
Watch collectors can have watches with box and papers that would never been used.

I would not buy a watch – and have it sit in a box not to be used.
I do have some watches that see more wrist time than others – but I don’t baby any of my watches.

I would always wear and use these watches – daily and in all kind of situations.
My panerais and vintage rolex – get daily abuse and they do get some dings and scratches from time to time – but hay that is a price I’m will pay in order to have these nice watches on my wrist daily.