The new Rolex Dweller – 50 years model

After Basel – the big storie was the Omega redesign of their iconic watches, and the new Rolex dweller with red writing.

The new dweller will be 43 mm (like Deep Sea), have the cyclop, and have the same depth reating as the old 16600 dweller.

As soon as the news hit the floor – the meaning was many…
I for one like the new dweller – its looks like a bigger sub – from any angle.

So from my point – if you like the Rolex Sub, (and who don’t), but would a bigger size watch, then the new dweller is for you.

From my point it removes the difference between the SUB and Dweller to a large extent. Leaving only the Deep Sea as a sub without cyclop.
And the deep sea – is still a fantastic watch – with all the right functions, being the MOST extreme watch I know of.
How many watches do you know – where you could drop it in the sea, alsmost anywhere in the world – and it would survive all the way to the seabed.