Vintage or Modern watch? That is the question

Should one buy vintage or modern watches?

Normally Watch people are split into two “kinds” – those that like vintage and those that don’t get the idea of buying a vintage model.
I would say that most watch people start out buying modern watches – and “evolve” into the vintage marked. Probably for some the vintage watches will forever be something that they will never move into – but for other the vintage bug can prove a expensive bug.
I started as a normal watch guy – getting a modern – would not look twice at a “used” watch – let alone a old one !!
That has changed – I got my first vintage Rolex after 4 modern rolex – and after the vintage model I was lost into the Rolex Vintage world.

My first vintage Rolex was the super nice Rolex 5513.
It is difficult to explain this to someone that have not had a vintage rolex in the hand – they do have some history and “DNA” that gives the watch and wearing it something special.

If people have not “tried” a vintage watch – I would suggest to try either a Rolex GMT model 1675 or any “other” vintage watch.
You might be lost into the beautiful world of vintage watches.
And just for information – vintage watches – almost never loose their value.