Watch Forums – a world of information

Have been busy checking out different forums that talk about watches – I do check out many forums as they all have some difference in the way. Some forums are for the real experts, some focus more on “fun” and again some have people with really in depth knowledge that is invaluable in case your looking for a specific watch or need to have some input on a buy you might want to do – but your a little unsure on the watch as it might have some special “feature” your not sure is 100% correct. Then I would recommend that you visit these forums and ask nicely ;.-)

I visit these different forums weekly if not daily and sometime I just check them out, reading other peoples entries, sometime I answer some questions posted by other members on the forum, and again sometimes I post some pictures.

Here is a limited list of the watch forums I visit – Your welcome to send additional suggestions – I’a a WIS and you can never have to many bookmarks.

First Forums with focus on Rolex.

  • – US site with good general knowledge on a multiple number of brands – If your new in the watch forum world this is a good place to start.
  • – As the name says -focus on Vintage Rolex – And the place to ask questions in any doubt of a vintage rolex – very high knowledge by forum members on vintage rolex
  • TURF – the ultimate rolex forum – a Rolex forum that have existing for some time – A nice place to visit and find some nice pictures of rolex and rolex and women.
  • :: The friendliest Rolex forum on the ‘Net! – and that is almost true – check it out – especially if you new in the rolex forums – very friendly
  • is again a forum with many brands – the “traffic on this forum is a little limited – and they do have strict forum guidelines – but I do check it out from time to time as some of the people on these forums have some good informtaion.
  • – A nice forum – but have not used to much
  • And many more out there …

For Panerai forums the number I visit is a little more limited but the people and the community here is very special. I suggest you all try a visit different panerei watch forums and feel the community.

Panerai watch forums

ANd then there is the many forums that just talk watches – with no special brands in mind – these forums a also nice and can sometimes open ones eyes for new watches one would normally not have seen if you only look into forums dedicated to a single brand.

So to all Happy forum surfing….