Watches as a Hobby/Passion/Interest – How long does it last?

I have a thought about the things we do – collecting watches, when will the interest wear of and we select to only have one watch. When do we stop shopping around, when do “we” settle down and enjoy “one” watch.

If it goes like all other “hobbies” – one will go through different stages.

  • Stage 1: Interest awaking
  • Stage 2: Slowly starting to collect information and “watches”
  • Stage 3: Hooked – no going back – becoming a WIS – searching for information, looking for new watches, visit to forums daily, discussion on the net, etc.,…
  • Stage 4: Slow down – The interest is still there – but is now a slow burning flame – You still have your watches – but don’t buy any new one.
  • Stage 5: Recleine – no major interest in watches – slowly starting to sell out your watches – you only wear one watch – you begin to have other areas of focus – food, wine, family, other interests, etc…
  • Stage 6: End of Life – You no longer a WIS – any new rolex, panerai, AP, IWC model will not get any attention from your side. You have “moved” on to the “normal” life 😉

Right now I’m in stage 3 – but could see me moving into stage 4 within the next decade.

I know that many of you that read this, is in stage 1,2 or 3 – and less in stage 4+.

But my question is – when will we come into stage 5 and 6 – and if any of you have been through the process, and have come through to the “other” side – stage 5 and 6.

And if you “don’t” know what stage your in let me explain:

  • Stage 1: You have a interest in “high” end watches – maybe looking at Rolex – You have a watch – probably a semi-high-end watch.
  • Stage 2: You are now sure that you want a new watch – and have your mind set on a more high-end watch – Omega, Rolex, Panerai, …. You notice people on the news – what watch are they wearing, checking out watches on the TV and in the Movies.
  • Stage 3: You now have a least two watches – know what a WIS is, know the most known watch forums, when on the Internet you make searches on different watch brands. By now you know all “watch” movies – what movie Panerai is seen in, What a EOD watch is, etc… You take turns in wearing your watches, you “take” photos of them, you are a “active” person on different forums.
  • Stage 4: You have you “collection” of watches, but you mainly only wear 1-2 different watches – not any bling bling, just good quality watches that have grown on you. You don’t check forums that much, and you almost NEVER post on forums. You don’t plan to buy any new watches at all – your content.
  • Stage 5: You start to sell some of your watches – you plan to keep only one or two. You find that being a WIS and having watches as a hobby is a thing of the past. You only wear one watch daily and the size is not above 42 mm – it is a watch that goes with everything.
  • Stage 6: Continue of stage 5 – but now you back to a normal life – you might even select NOT to wear a watch!