What will Basel bring in 2017 – nothing …

What will the Basel bring of new watches?

I feel that the present rate the new on the watches could be held at a minimum. I don’t see the reason for new models every year. I feel it removes some of the feelings on watches.


Some of the fashion brands of watches release new line 4 times a year. Just to keep people buying new watches and use them for fashion. That is a trend I hope will not come to the major brands. I think this will devalue their brand.

I like when I see  a Omega Speedmaster on a wrist – I can’t say if its for 1969 or 2015 – and that I like.

The same thing about a rolex sub – this watch is now +60 years old and it can be difficult to see any changes from a distance – and that I like.

But when I see a new kind of watch – I can say if its from 2014,2015, 2016 or 2017, because I don’t know it.

Just my two cents 😉