What would Panerai be without the community? This is personal..

This is personal …

This is very personal ….

I feel that the “old” panerai watches simple are the best.
It might be my fault – but I have not used time to look into the many many new Panerai models.
It is not a question on why Panerai keep putting out new models – that I can understand – the brand Panerai is valued and “money in the bank”.
But I also feel that one of the reasons for the success of Panerai is the community.

And that is maintained by the people that like panerai and the many forums on the net.
I don’t think that the special Panerai community is “controlled” by Panerai – Somehow the community around Panerai is a little like Apple.

If your a real fan – then all that the brand does is in order – price, models, etc..

But then again – I was not that much into Panerai before I got my first one – then I was “sold” – I liked the look, the size and I really love the community.

But that said – I’m now “moving” back a step or two – not jumping in to all the new models that are introduced – asking my self – what is it about the brand I like.

And after many thoughts – I fall back to my initial line – I like the “old” original models best.

Give me a 0,1,2,4,5,24,25,88 (and 127) any date over the newer models.

Well as I said – this is personal – and not to take away any of the credit from Panerai and their way of doing business.

What would Panerai be without the community?
My love for panerai is still there – but for now I will keep these “simple” models.